The Richness of Togetherness

A partnership which truly is a win-win for both parties. One where you focus on taking amazing pictures – and we focus on making sure it makes financial sense to you.

Your benefits include (but aren't limited to) :

Leverage our brand and success to secure more business for yourself

Offer prospective client’s innovative solutions they cannot refuse

Benefit from upselling our personalized products and canvasses to your clients

Let us upload and sell your photos for as long as you want

Never pay for branding and marketing services and tools again

Get rewarded for every event you refer, which you cannot manage yourself

Earn more from being part of our growing team covering events nationally

Let us upload your old photos and events and retarget the buyers for you

Increase your margin, by letting us do your printing for you

Benefit from decades of experience, managing events and developing products

A shared revenue model which is fair and equitable

Events you do yourself

Option 1

You get a daily rate plus 50% of net sales

Option 2

You get 65% of gross sales and we the rest

Events you introduce to us

Option 1

You get a daily rate plus 20% of the net sales –
in year 1 only

Option 2

You get a daily rate for 10% of net sales –
for as long as we do the event