Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you based?

    We have teams of photographers in most areas of South Africa and can operate on short notice if not too remote.

  • How do we receive your products?

    Our products are sent via The Courier Guy and will be delivered to you.

  • If we order an action photo package, what if there are no pictures of my child?

    We photograph all games (light and weather permitting) and obviously follow the ball and take at least 150-200 photos per game (depending on sport and duration of games). The chances are very slim that you will not receive at least 10 photos of your child.

  • Should the parent group not be interested in the action photo package, is there a way I can still order action photos of my child?

    Yes, for sure, games will be uploaded to out hosting platform and individual parents may them pay per download.

  • If we order team photos of our team at a tournament, when do we get them?

    Always before end of Tournament, it is normally available from the organiser on early morning on the last day.

  • When do we get the downloadable action photo packages we order?

    Normally 7 – 14 days after the tournament. We strive shorten the turnaround time, but it is normally 1000’s of images we need to manage and sort per team.

  • How do we download our actions?

    As per normal online shopping, you add to cart images that you want, once all images are in the cart you checkout, create an account and it will give you the option to download to your computer.